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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Posted by coffee

It is the plant with the biological name of the Coffea, which is a genus of the Rubiaceae family with complicated plant classification, with many species, varieties, and strains. The plants vary enormously in appearance. The foliage may be practically any shade in a range from yellowy-green to deep green or even bronze, and the shiny leaves are corrugated, more so for robusta than arabica. Some plants remain small shrubs, others would grow until 18 m / 60 ft.
The coffea arabica, a very complex species with numerous varieties, and the coffea canephora (robusta) are the two most commercial coffee in the world. Other species that known as excelsa are coffea liberica which discovered in Liberia in 1834 and coffea dewevrei.
All coffee trees are capable of bearing blossom, green fruit and ripe fruit simultaneously on the same branch, thus almost necessitating harvesting by hand. The flowers develop in clusters, are creamy-white and produce similar to jasmine in looks and smell. They last only a few days , and will be change with small green berries in clusters. They will need several months to become ripe red cherries before ready to be pick.


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